Value for Money at Saint John’s Street Cycles

After sales service rarely, if ever, features in bicycle reviews.  It should.  Bicycles need care and attention after hard use and occasionally that care and attention needs skills of a professional standard.  If the professionals you have trusted are anything other than average, the value of your bicycle changes.  Thankfully, my experience with Thorn is superb.

After six years living with a Thorn Audax, some carless so the mileage was reasonably high, I rediscovered cycle touring and decided to change to a Thorn xTc because I cannot resist cycling off-road and because I like using front panniers.  I asked Saint Johns Street Cycles about part exchange and the young man serving me said, “Hold on.  I’ll get Robin.”  Robin came and said, because I was switching from one Thorn to another, he’d give me 100% of what he could get for it.  He then said £450.  I’d paid £850, which brought the usual, “You could get a car for that!” outrage from non-cyclists at the time, but I’d had six years of thoroughly enjoyable riding for £400.  The economics of that bicycle purchase were completely changed by the back up Robin Thorn provides and that is why after sales service should be included in bicycle reviews.

Of course, I now realise that taking £450 off the cost of the xTc was not great use of my money.  I should have known that a keen cyclist can never have too many Thorns.


One thought on “Value for Money at Saint John’s Street Cycles

  1. Hmm – don’t know anything about bikes, but are you Bloggerzed in anyway connected with Eric Slime, my friend and equipment guru from the early 1980s? If so, please feel free to get in touch – if not, happy cycling!

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