Effing BT Open Reach

With a loud bang and a blue flash, lightning took out my internet connection on 11 December.  It was 13 December before I could report the fault as continuing lightning made phone use unsafe.  That the phone still worked seemed a miracle.  Five days BT’s call centre said.  I knew that was unrealistic as lightning had caused extensive damage in the area, but it was a little surprising to find that Open Reach would prove unable to get here until 2 February, when an engineer took about 10 minutes to install a new router. Now you know one of the reasons why I have been unable to make new posts.  Continuing foul weather is the other.  I just can’t bring myself to fancy camping out on sodden ground in high winds.  With any luck, normal service will be resumed shortly.


Credit where credit is due. BT have taken £30 off my bill because of the delayed repair.  Thank you BT.  Should I delete the expletive from the title?  It’s under consideration but the hassle factor is weighing quite heavily just now.


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