Noss Head from Wick

The North Head path out of Wick leads past interesting cliff scenery to a sewage works.  Just round the corner, looking over Broad Haven to photograph Papigoe, crowberry cushioned my feet.  Not the usual sea level vegetation.

Papigoe from North Head

Staxigoe has a pretty, little harbour.  Then barbed wire makes the next section of the cliff top walk look unpromising, but it relents at a soggy, sheep-messed nature reserve.  So far, I’m probably not succeeding in making this walk sound too interesting but I was enjoying myself and taking my time over the many bird watching opportunities as well as seal spotting and scrambles down to rocky coves.  At the back of each beach were huge, rounded pebbles.  Beyond, greasy ribs of dark rock ran out to sea.

A spiteful hail shower hit just before the Noss Head lighthouse but, once it had past, the afternoon weather improved.  The sun came out and the cold wind dropped a bit.


Two, friendly ponies live in a field by the lighthouse.  They are just visible behind the big wall in the photo.  Whoever built the end bit of the wall must have had an excellent head for heights.  A sandy beach has an old path leading down to it along with the remains of some bits and pieces for launching boats.  There are no houses nearby.

Sinclair's Old Castle

To be honest, restoration has not enhanced the ruins of the castle but its location is spectacular.  Large, oil support vessels sheltering in Sinclair Bay were too far out for my camera’s lens to deal with.  They were all facing in the same direction and it was not into the wind which suggests that the ebbing tide was moving quickly northwards.

Looking back to the castle

The road walk back from Ackergillshore wasn’t intolerable.


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