Joy after Yosemite problem

Some months ago, Apple introduced a problem into their screen saver software.  I had been using my iPhoto library as a screen saver but OS X Yosemite repeatedly dumped my choice and opted for the National Geographic default library instead.  The National Geographic’s photos are superb but my photos matter to me.  Not only do they remind of things I’ve done and seen but also some of them give me a “Wow!  Did I really create that image?” frisson.

I solved the problem by moving the National Geographic pictures out of default library Number One and replacing them with my best images.  It is a solution which has worked well.

The downside to using the iPhoto library as a screen saver is that I can’t leave duff pictures in there. They are elsewhere on my hard disk in places I rarely visit.  If a good photo ended up in one of those folders by mistake, it was pretty much doomed.  Until the photos app came along…

Photos app, which works similarly on my phone and on my iMac, organises pictures usefully so I have gone through my old folders importing everything I could find.  Some of the forgotten images are almost good enough for default folder Number One.  This picture, taken near the Kyle of Tongue, is just about suitable.  Perhaps not quite sharp enough.  Lovely sky though.

Islands of rabbits and seals


Here is another photo which has grabbed my attention, thanks to the photos app.  It has been hidden, allegedly, since February 2009.  I had thought it was five years older.



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