The West Highland Way


So much information is available on the West Highland Way that I will confine myself to three impressions.  First, predictably…

Busy, busy, busy!

I arrived during Whit Weekend when Beinn Glas Farm was heaving, a real shock after seeing no one on the Cowal Way.  Boy, has this place changed since the days of “No dogs.  Even on leads.”  I’m not complaining.  They provided me with a good meal and a decent night’s sleep despite live music till 1am.  And the sight of all the shuttle bags in the campers’ kitchen put wings on my shoes.

The West Highland Way was just what I needed after 7 days in Kintyre and 3 in Cowal.  Conversation and a chance to test my fitness in real highland scenery.  The prospect of spending another night with the masses eased me well past Tyndrum to Inveroran, the perfect contrast with Beinn Glas Farm.  The only problem with camping by the bridge is the lack of privacy.  I was away very early to find a secluded spot for an invariably necessary morning activity.

Across Rannoch Moor

Three days from Loch Lomond to Fort Bill is pretty straightforward as the West Highland Way has seen considerable attention to the quality of the path underfoot -slightly hard but almost completely dry despite the damp May weather.  The excellent path was most welcome after paddling ankle deep through soggy grass in parts of Cowal and Kintyre.


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