BGS iGeology Review

To the north of Ben More Assynt is one of the most interesting areas in Scotland.  Some of its walking is tough but the reward is views of features such Britain’s tallest waterfall and the Stac of Glencoul.  The area lies at the boundary of two geological zones and it is geology which explains much of the stunning scenery.

I like Glencoul  and Glendhu very much.  I also like useful, free apps which don’t irritate with advertising.  One such app is iGeology from the British Geological Survey.


This app presents Ordnance Survey maps at various scales, coloured to reflect the underlying geology.


Even at this scale, my eye is drawn to the point where the Moine Thrust crosses Loch Glencoul.  Going in closer reveals the details.


Colours are nice but information is more useful.  Now comes the bit I find fiddly – tapping the exact spot that interests me.  Tapping brings up a description which starts technically but finishes with enough clarity to keep me away from Google.


My phone cannot get a signal in the most interesting parts of Britain so the contour lines are of limited usefulness in the field.  Even so, it is worth mentioning that this app provides OS maps wherever you can get a signal.

Finding out about boreholes and hazards requires in-app purchases but it is the accuracy required to position and move the little cross which lead me into deducting one star from this app.  Those of you with bigger phones might not have the same difficulty.


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