Campbeltown to Claonaig

This 55.4 mile stretch begins with a road walk to Lussa Loch.  The road becomes a forest road at the loch and, after climbing away from the loch, becomes a bit tedious.  Rain started the moment I left the trees.  Luckily, Ifferdale Bunkhouse was close by.  It is excellent.

To Torrisdale Castle
First part of Day Four uses newly made paths

A feisty cow with a calf provided entertainment shortly after I left the bunkhouse.  Given how clearly it stands out both in Apple Maps and on the ground, you may be surprised to hear that I missed the new path descending to Torrisdale.  There was no missing the vast, dirt road which has now wrecked this little glen.  Luckily, the onward route to Carrisdale is an absolute gem.

The Halfway Mile Post and wind farm infrastructure
Not far off high tide
Approaching Carradale

I messed around in Carradale long enough to miss the shop, which seems to close on Saturday afternoons.  The Kintyre Way leaves the Carradale area through woods then winds between heathery knolls before descending to Brackley.  A windfarm road leads from here to the other side of the peninsula.  It is smooth enough for locals to use as a short cut.  On Saturday evening, it was busy with vehicles driven by well-dressed locals off for a big night out.  The ditches either side of the road were deep and steep, making it difficult for a walker to get off the road.  This stretch became a slog in unpleasant weather with little in the way of decent camping opportunities.

Day Four

The weather was even worse next morning in Tayinloan, which has a shop, although the hotel looked to have closed down.  I gave up on Gigha but enjoyed a snack stop in the cafe by the slipway.  A long stretch along the beach followed.  I enjoyed the last bit despite poor weather and the nearby road.  The Kintyre Way leaves the coast to go through the grounds of a large house.  There is a lovely gorge here with butterburs but it leads back to the main road.

Day Five (a)
The stretch beside the road is nowhere near as bad as it looks on the map
Last bit of Kintyre’s west coast

The path out of Clachan wanders up through a wood before using a pleasant valley to reach Loch Ciaran.  Felling with large machines has churned up the path to the standing stone.  I found a dry pitch out of sight, under the trees on the gentle slopes of Mullach Dubh.

Day Five (b)
A grey day with some very nice bits of walking
New path through forestry
Day Six
Day Six
Lohan Fraoich

Day Six uses new paths to exit the forestry past two lovely lochans and to cross moorland to the peninsula’s east coast.  At Claonaig, I took the ferry to Lochranza for a good meal in the hotel and a laundry session at the campsite.


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