The Strade Bianche of Caithness

Fabulous riding. Sunshine and a following wind. Not too much traffic on the back road to Loch Watten, where an encampment in the picnic area delayed my first snack. A big tent was being used as an awning extension for a gaudy camper van.

Flow Country.jpg
Sketch map showing the route of a stunning, three day cycle tour

After a second snack stop at Westerdale Mill, I reached the dirt roads, which had many dragonflies. At lovely Loch Keise (third snack stop) was a fishing boat with oars labelled Wandsworth Youth River Club Putney. I photographed Aultnabreac railway station and then headed off across the nature reserve. The RSPB have a permanent warden with a caravan in a corner just off the main dirt road.

Westerdale Mill.jpg
The mill at Westerdale
The inevitable…
Loch More.jpg
From Loch More to Forsinain is 16 miles on a dirt road
I hate these gates.jpg
Lifting a loaded bike through these gates is not easy
Riding these roads is not difficult.jpg
Easy riding and plenty of dragonflies
Loch Keise.jpg
Loch Keise
A remote railway station.jpg
A useful railway station
A sheltered bit.jpg
One of the few sheltered bits after the level crossing
The three gates open easily.jpg
There are three unlocked gates

A bit of a headwind on the drag to Kinbrace became a tailwind on the Syre road as the landscape was reddened by the setting sun. I just got to a pitch behind Rimsdale croft before darkness fell.

Not long till sunset.jpg
Evening light on the moors
Rimsdale croft.jpg
Rimsdale croft
Even closer to sunset.jpg
The end of a perfect day

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