Apigill and the Flow Country, again

Approached from the east, Apigill Hill had never been quite as daunting as it had been when climbing from the Borgie River.  However, this time, after a gorgeous ride from Kinbrace Station, I was floating upwards.  On a loaded Thorn xTc, my progress was steady, to put it kindly, but entirely free from lactate.  With no one able to accuse me of needing a rest, I had no qualms about stopping to take photos.

A realisation dawned.  I was nearly 10kg lighter than I had been when living just a few miles from the big hill.  There lies the beauty of retirement.  Consistency is possible in a way that it never can be when work is exhausting and plagued by meetings which go on into the early evening.

My previous best at sticking to a training effort had been four weeks on the surprisingly excellent Lance Armstrong Performance Program.  One retailer at Amazon UK currently has that book on sale for a penny, which suggests most people are unwilling to remember that Lance occasionally did good things.  As far as my own programme of pre-breakfast physical jerks and a wholefood diet is concerned, I’ve managed almost a year so far and the consistency appears to be paying off.

Back to the riding.  The weekend in Tongue was highly enjoyable but Monday morning meant battling into a stiff wind on the way back to the train at Lairg.  I stopped too often for photos and then lost more time fighting the wind on the endless climb from Altnaharra to The Crask.  Once over the top, I had to put the hammer down or miss the train.  I arrived with 15 minutes to spare.  Then the train was another 15 minutes late.  And if I had been late, the train would have been on time!

All of the photos were taken with a 50mm lens.  No wide angle shots.  This is pretty much what Flow Country looks like.

Between Kinbrace and Syre
Loch Badanloch under a big sky
It was a long way up from Strath Naver
And there is still a bit more to do
The summit, where granite ribs run through the psammite
Loch Loyal, east of the ben with the same name
Loch Loyal
Ben Hope from the south east
Near Altnaharra with Ben Griam More peeping over the moors
Ben Klibreck

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