Aquapac phone case

Using my hugely expensive new phone as a camera when near cliffs gives me the willies. The naked phone is slippery, if gorgeous, and the Apple leather case only slightly more grippy.

Today, I tried using the phone inside an Aquapac case. Firstly, I found that Touch ID wouldn’t work. I also discovered that the bare phone sticks to Aquapac’s plastic but, when in the leather case, it slides in and out quite easily.

During a walk, I need a phone case which helps to stop me from dropping the phone at all, let alone over cliffs. Aquapac’s lanyard does exactly that. I had the phone in my top pocket with the lanyard round my neck. The lanyard was unnoticeable during my 4 hour walk. Obviously, I’d be wary of putting the lanyard round my neck in a situation where it might catch but today’s walk was an easy one.

The last question concerns photos. Can a decent shot be taken through the plastic case? Here is some silica-based evidence – sunlight rocks and a cropped photo of an engraved door panel.

Not too bad, I think.  My thanks go to Ian Sommerville at Daunerin’ Aboot for advising me to try the Aquapac case.  Sadly, in this day and age, I have to mention that I paid for the case with my own money.  No one never gives me nowt!